Grafting Technique for Mango Tree, Guava Tree, Rose Plant, Apple Tree, Papaya Tree

Mango is a tropical fruit. Mango trees grow in most landmasses along and near to the equator / Mango can be grown in almost all tropical regions. These trees are can be more profitable if cultivated under the following environmental conditions:

  • The land elevation should be 600 meters above sea level, even the height of 800 meters is tolerable by the tree.
  • For producing more fruits, the mango trees need a completely dry period of 3 to 5 months for the fast maturing of vegetative parts and flowers. In case of any rains during the blooming period, will wash off pollen induces growth of pathogens (Anthracnose) which results in the dropping of both flowers and developing fruits. The development a mango needs plenty of sunlight up to 120 -135 days after the flowering period. Mango trees are biennials that produce fruits every two years. With the intervention latest cultivation methods, it can be made to bear yearly or even more often.
  • The ideal temperature for a mango plantation is around 21 to 37-degree C.
  • The Mango tree thrives well in deep loamy, soil rich in organic matter, and well-balanced macro and micro nutrient elements.
  • For healthy growth and fruit-bearing, a mango tree needs optimum moisture. Mango trees are successfully cultivated in areas where annual rainfall ranges from 500-2500 mm. For a profitable crop, the basic need is the distribution of rainfall rather than the amount.
  • The ideal pH levels of the mango tree are 6.0 – 7.0 or (5.5-6.5 pH). This promotes constant suppler nutrients to the roots of the trees. Mango trees are cultivated in a wide range of soils. For healthy growth of the plants, it needs well-drained soil with 2 M depth. Highly clayey and waterlogging soil is not suitable for mango cultivation.
  • The topography of Mango Plantation Land: the land should be flat to slightly sloping land, the soil should well-drained, and it should be able to hold the good required capacity of moisture. Even the stiff mountainsides are also opted for mango cultivation, but with difficulty in production management.
  • Mango trees should get a good amount of sunlight from morning to evening, from the top of its crown to the base of the trunk. Shading can affect its productivity. Even the Crowded branch and foliage can lower the fruit yields.
  • The trees should have moderate airflow or wind, aeration protects the trees from pest and diseases within the tree crown. The trees should not get strong winds mainly during the flowering and fruiting stage.








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